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    About Vedicmeds

    About Us

    India's no. 1 Ayurvedic treatment providers
    Vedicmeds is a Trade mark (TM) and is known for providing best ayurvedic treatment through walk-in-clinic, online and onphone consultation services all over the world.

    The Vedicmeds is a pioneer of new generation Ayurveda dedicated to applying the guidelines of Upanishads – "Sarve Santu Niramayaha" or "Let all be free of disease." Therefore the Vedicmeds is dedicated to heal the sick using Ayurveda’s vast and ancient knowledge of medicines and therapies on one hand, and to promote good health on the other hand, through Ayurveda’s treasure chest of rasaayana (rejuvenation) medications.

    we provide the comprehensive, customized and affordable Ayurvedic treatment to prevention and cure all chronic diseases. As we promote natural Ayurvedic health – प्राकृतिक आयुर्वेदिक स्वस्थ, come, explore and become a part of our journey so far.


    Vedicmeds Healthcare- A leading Ayurvedic Clinic network in India for providing best ayurvedic treatment through walk-in-clinic and online services all over the world. Vedicmeds also offering clinical training program in ayurveda and panchkarma treatment, coaching for MD entrance exam / post graduates entrance exam and clinic setup guidance program with complete support to run a successful ayurvedic clinic.


    We have a team of well qualified Ayurvedic Doctors. Every Ayurvedic Physician in our national network is credentialed, certified, and highly experienced. In fact, they are your regular doctors providing consultation from their clinic or hospitals. All of our providers undergo a rigorous credentialing process based upon guidelines set by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM). Additionally, Our doctors work tirelessly to ensure that each patient receives quality care, fast.

    Our main expertise is developed ayurvedic treatment protocol for chronic diseases and formulated a range of result oriented and scientific ayurvedic medicines with proper clinical trial and research work at Vedicmeds Ayurveda clinics.


    Quality is not only limited to the range of treatment we offer but also in every aspect of our operations. Quality for us is a tool that helps in safeguarding the contentment in wellness of our patients. Ayurvedic treatment we provide is evaluated on a spectrum of framework related to the ingredients & ratio of constituents of medicines and their effect on the human body.


    Vedicmeds aspires to be a chain of world class therapeutic and ayurvedic wellness destinations in offering a spectrum of high quality ayurvedic treatments in India to its patients. Facilitating, improving and maintaining their health & beauty with due care to pre & post treatment concerns. We shall differentiate our self through policy of congeniality, responsiveness, rationality, competence, connectivity, technology, service environment, monitoring and infrastructure.


    • To extend ayurvedic health care service globally.
    • To spread the miraculous healing power of Ayurveda for the wellness of society.
    • To provide products and services of caliber for the cause of Ayurveda.
    • To innovate in integrating contemporary know-how with traditional wisdom for better outcomes.
    • To advance the message of Ayurveda through treatment, ayruveda manufacturing. education, research and development.
    • To promote life of harmony with nature and taking Ayurveda to every home.
    • To impart the real ayurvedic and Panchkarma treatments using unadulterated traditional methodologies.

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